Near Field Communication & Digital Marketing
Combined with Promotional SWAG
Engages your Audience
like never before!

​Promote ​a ​Business or Service

​Physically share ​Digital Assets

​Sell your software or Training ​Course

​Advertise a Show or Musical

Create an Industry Network

​Raise Money for your Organization

Use our NFC-enabled pogs in these areas of your business:

​* Sales - Use NFCSwag to put a sales funnel directly in your prospects hands!

​* Marketing - ​Promote your business ​& encourage prospects to physically share your NFCSwag!

​* ​Operations - Increase customer service by providing training, special offers ​& more through embedded tags in your products!

​* ​Networking - ​By distributing NFCPogs in your market, you can build "phygital" networks that engage followers around your product, service or message.  

​NFCPogs revolve
around ​creating ​​​​a focused experience
​for your audience when they Tap-In!

​You can ​use ​NFCPogs to ​engage your audience ​while monitoring live analytics...

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    ​VIP Treat​​​​ment
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    ​Event Marketing
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    ​Training & Empowerment
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    Sales Content
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    ​Product Support
  • check
    ​Customer Service
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    ​Consulting Access
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    Games, Gifts & Prizes

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