Let's look at an example.

The Friendship Pod

Instructions to setup your own pod

Marketing flyers to help you promote your pod

Weekly meeting bulletin to help organize your pod

Website badges & NFCSwag-Pog

Based on the fiction work of 100K+ best selling author, Renee Mollan Masters, The Friendship Pod Network is a professional/ community networking & project empowerment ​infrastructure built around connection, trust and ​authenticity​. 

The Friendship Pod is using NFC to ​enhance their team-building program, ​while promoting ​its associated production film to be released at Sundance in 2019, "The Peace Train.

Each Friendship Pod has its own unique goal, impact, revenue ​plan, purpose, passion, etc that it's applying ​Friendship power to, making their phygital networks very appealing to sponsors who can partner with multiple pods to reach into ​numerous markets​.

​​Friendship Pods are designed to unpack and use at a professional level, right away. ​Supported ​by a membership site, branded & ​printed materials and now an NFC-enabled phygital layer a​round which ​they can ​unify their network with both ​group connections and one-​to-one connections​ to​ ​the pod owners​​​​, members & sponsors.

The sponsor ​receives ongoing and exponential value from the relationship and the pod receives funding to perpetuate their ​purpose.

As the network grows, ​the NFCSwag-Pogs increase, not in monetary value but rather in "Friendship Value."  ​Because of the instant gratification a phygital ​network offers, the coins begin to represent more than just a place to Tap-In! ​These pogs become the physical connection​ ​members have to ​the people, passions, & purpose they ​live for. Bow that's valuable engagement!

​Sponsors can co-brand with each Friendship po​d​ and their individual missions around pogs, dashboards, email & digital Content ​in 65 different online channels as well as throughout the pog network. The more the sponsor distributes, the more visibility they receive.  

​Friendship Pod owners have access to​​​​ program resources, pod owners, etc through their pog. ​​While m​embers have access to ​member resources & each other. ​
​Members ​can also use ​pogs ​for recruitment... very powerful.
(Not illustrated here)

This is a phygital campaign around a 4DStory...

In the 4DStory, MobiusKEY, not only do these characters live in digital channels on the web with their own social profiles, etc, those who Tap-In! to this 4DStory are able to go on missions, win prizes, connect with the cast, and more.  

Each time the Mobi goes on a mission, it's a planned journey across the web and at scheduled events, creating an energy and excitement amongst fans of the story.

Imagine what a 12 month campaign like this could do for your a movie launch.

Here is an example in the world of veterinary...

This is a mock-up of their laser rental dashboard that's being introduced to the veterinarian industry before 2018 as part of their laser rental program for equine and small pets.

With an integrated NFC tag, their lasers will now provide veterinarians in the field with a very close connection to the instruction, codes and support they need when operating the lasers.

At conventions, through direct mail and in veterinary offices across the world, the MultiRadiance Veterinary Network pog has the potential to become a household name in the industry.

​​Phygital Networks ​​emerging in​ 2017

Musicians collaborating ​to provide for the homeless. Using pogs to empower the​m to sell CD's.

A ​proven ​approach to connecting with ourselves and each other. ​​Friendship Pod is using ​is sponsoring the phygital Tap-In! network to promote their platform and upcoming production film, "Peace Train."

​Pulsed Laser Therapy for veterinarian's and their patients. Using pogs to empower their laser rental program, offering veterinarian's a no selling approach to promotion.

​Grit, Grind, & Growth
​4DStory & Suspense Novel using pogs to promote book sales & online campaingn.

​Orchestra, Choral & Broadway-style Theater ​Organization using it to promote their musicals and ​raise funds the arts.

Boy Scouts of America troop using it to sell popcorn and bolster recruitment.

​Girl Scouts of America troop using it to ​solicit donations for their organizations and others they support, and to bolster recruitment.

​Public Speaker​ & ​Prosperity Coach, ​America's Prosperneur™ is using pogs to ​promote his message and generate revenue by supporting ​other phygital networks with an empowerment component.

If you know Robin, it's kind of like you know Bob Dylan.  Robin has a web of stories from the road of life and giggin'.  We are using NFCSwag-Pogs to promote ​Robin locally and as a songwriter across the music industry, by ​combining NFCSwag ​with direct marketing​.