NFC Pogs

A Digital Net to ​Spread ​Across Your Physical World

NFCPogs leverage 
Near Field Communication & Digital Marketing
to Engage your Audience
​by creating a "phygital" network.

To uncover the secrets of NFC Marketing
that can revolutionize your business, agenda or event
simply order a starter kit today!

Cardstock​ Pogs

Starter Kit - 100 NFCPogs, $499


Starter Kit - 100 NFCPogs, $999

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NFCPog Starter Kits

* 100 NFC Pogs

Custom Pog Design ​with your logo, or whatever info you want on it. (2 sides)

* Personal Use Strategy Session to help you create the best strategy for using your NFCPogs

* 1 Digital Dashboard to represent what it is you want the user to experience when they Tap-In!

* 1 Target URL - this can be either ​a custom dashboard or any existing website you want to point to

* 1 Custom URL so you can ​add it to the pog, for those who are unable to access it through a Tap-In!

* 1 hour audio/ video Editing, ​to get across​ whatever you are trying to say in your messaging

* Unlimited textual and image Content (as long as it is on first page of dashboard)

* 1 Admin Pog (provides access to special reorder pricing, direct connection to full digital marketing services, and more!)

Note: NFCPogs are the most economical, but custom NFCSwag like Sunglasses, Keychains, Coasters and many other items also available. You will be able to discuss these with us during the strategy session, before production is finalized

Discover the Leverage

  • A large surface area for branding
  • An ROI-driven price point 
  • They are familiar to people
  • Easy for your audience to carry with them
  • Easily mounted on magnets or clips to display on mirrors, refrigerators or car dashes
  • Available in card stock or plastic
  • Custom shapes reinforce branding
  • Easy to cobranded with partners
  • Run multiple campaigns easily by simply changing the design
  • ...and more!

​Get Creative

NFCPogs are a great way to share your Second Life or other Virtual World characters with the real world around you.

Anytime your fans Tap-In, they can land on your character's FB page where you have updated your status so those Tapping In with your pogs are following your story.  

Or maybe you create a custom dashboard...
the choice is yours.

Note: At this time, you cannot Tap-In directly to Second Life from a Smart Phone but you can put teleport buttons on ​the dashboard​ your followers Tap-In! to.

​What is a Monthly NFCSwag Party?  

The Monthly NFCSwag Party is an NFCPog 
fulfillment program
that helps you stay focused on your goals through monthly ​shipments of your NFCSwag, along with reporting and analysis to help you dial in your targets.

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