NFC Settings for Android & iPhone

 First, tap your Android to the pog to see if NFC is already enabled.  Often it's enabled by default on Android.  The NFC chip could be located at the top of the phone, in the middle or at the bottom, or in one of the corners.  

NFC tag speeds vary as well, so leave your phone in each section for a second or two, before trying the next section. You can use Telstra's device guide below, to find out how to activate the NFC chip on your Android phone.

​iPhone ​​​​has no setting switch, it just uses an NFC Scanner App, such as the Thinfilm NFC Scanner App.

If after attempting ​an initial Tap-In! with your phone ​you are unable to connect, then you may need to activate your NFC chip inside the phone.  Please use this Device Guide to search for your phone. 

Step 1: Type your brand or model in the search field below and click the "search" button.

Step 2: On the resulting page, type the following:     nfc

Step 3: As you type, look for the following words to show up in the field list where you are typing: Turn NFC on or off       ​(select this option)

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to turn on NFC. 

***Note: If you do not see any reference to NFC in this list, it's​ possible your phone is not NFC capable.  See this list for NFC-enabled phones.