Summer Collection

Bring your CryptoKitties to life in the
Real World!

CryptoKitty Pogs are not connected to the blockchain in any way, they are an NFC-enabled Pog programmed to take the user to your CryptoKitty ​page.

They are not intended to allow you to "play the game," as you cannot currently use a mobile device to transact on the blockchain.  They are simply a way to share them in the physical world, or use them creatively to connect with others who have an interest in CryptoKitties​.

​​However, being able to materialize your CryptoKitties in the physical world, and know that it will lead someone to your digital page is a great way to engage people, ​draw attention for breeding and more. 

So, if you like the idea of CyptoKitties as CryptoCollectibles... then these
CryptoKitty Pogs are for you!

​What if you could carry your
CryptoKitties ​with you?



​Take your CryptoKitties

​For a Walk!



​Digital + Physical

Spread the cuteness of your CryptoKitties

By sharing them


in  reality

Now you can give your CryptoKitties to owners you want to sire with, by inviting them to visit your profile.  CrytpoKitties you want yours to mate with... that is.





​Want to gain the attention of others who aren't involved in CryptoKitties?  Leave a CryptoKitty Pog at their desk, in the mail or on their car.  They'll get the message.  ;0)

Open your imagination and let ​your CryptoKitties out​.

CryptoKitties are currently stuck inside the blockchain and on your computer, but they want to get out and explore the world with you! 

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CryptoKitty Pogs

Transform your CyberKitty into a sought after, valued, & praised entity in the physical world!

Why would you want to carry around CryptoKitty Pogs in your pocket?

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    Connecting with others, using "phygital" CryptoKitties is fun.. and ​as adorable as the kitties themselves!
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    It extends the digital experience into your 3D world, making it 4D!
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    It's a lot easier to show someone your CryptoKitty, rather than tell them about it!
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    Collecting CryptoKitty pogs allows you to show off your friends & pals, right on your desk!
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    CryptoKitty Pogs are tracked each time someone Taps-In!
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    We can even build a landing page for your Pog to better show them off for higher resale potential!
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    Use CryptoKitty pogs to attract other CryptoKitties for breeding!
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    You can use your CryptoKitties to help you attract clients, connect with people and break the ice in new accounts!
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    Use them as "Challenge Coins" to compete with other CryptoKitty Pog holders for bragging rights!
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    Hide them in Geocache's & watch them travel the world!
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    Give them as gifts!
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    ​Allow us to build you a 4DStory social media campaign around your CryptoKitties!
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    The Applications are as endless as your imagination!

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​​Kitties In the Real World


​Trade with Friends & Colleagues







to Buy, sell & Sire

​We can bring your CryptoKitty to life

       so you can use it to make introductions...


​I m a g i n e

​Works with most Androids & iPhone 7, 8 & X

​4DStory LLC, DBA: NFCSwag

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